Millennials often get a bad reputation in our society for being addicted to their phones, being extremely stubborn, and less educated than previous generations. But chances are, you are hiring some of them to add to your business.

Pretty soon, they will make up a majority of the workforce, and you are going to need to connect with them as an employer. Here are ten tips to remain engaged and get the best out of the millennial employees that are in your company.


Teamwork is not just important for your whole business, but it is essential! Cohesion among your employees is crucial, and millennials love to be part of something bigger than themselves.

Feed this desire by prioritizing collaboration and togetherness. Push your millennials to work off of each other. Encourage workplace accountability and stress the need for them to feed off each other’s energy.

Millennials love feeling like they are part of a group!

Use Electronic Literacy to Your Advantage.

Millennials get a bad rep for always being connected to their phones, but you can use this to your advantage! Give them the freedom to push your businesses online marketing and social media presence.

Online marketing is a huge part of our business world today. Millennials love connections on the internet, why not use that to improve your business services.

Embrace Diversity and Flexibility

Diversity is something that each employer should be striving to push forward in the workplace. Now obviously you want to target a specific audience, but your staff and your goals should be to promote diversity throughout your business.

Millennials have a deep passion for diversity in the workplace. If this is something neglected by your business, you run the risk of alienating millennials and missing a large section of the population to whom you could be marketing.

Allow Remote Work

Here are some helpful things to keep in mind with remote work from an accessible website survey on remote work:

– 86% said that they needed to work alone to reach “maximum productivity.”

– it saves your office space, or you do not have to pay for a building space at all.

– It’s the future of employment in the United States. Almost 23% of employees were remotely employed in 2015.

Millennials love working from home. There is a futuristic feel to it, and an “in-command” feel that you do not get when you head into an office.

Respect Their Abilities

One of the most significant ways to shut down a relationship with a millennial is to belittle them or treat them in a way that makes them feel like they fail to contribute.

Promote leadership among them and push them to do their best. Millennials have a deep sense of confidence in their abilities. Stretch those abilities, but never make them feel like they are not competent in an area. Teach, do not disrespect.

Be Accessible

Being accessible is just a personal relationship goal. You should get to know each of your employees, and this will help you stay connected to your millennials.

This idea leads right into our next tip.

Balance personal and professional life

It’s okay to talk to them about the Cubs game, and the big proposal is coming up on Friday. They want to know you personally.

Build those relationships. Learn about their family, their hobbies, and their beliefs. If you only ever talk to them about their job, they might begin to think you do not care about them, and that they are just a tool you are using to better your company.

Money isn’t Everything.

Millennials also highly value position. They want to advance and are quite ambitious about increasing their job status. To a millennial, a raise might not be as significant to them as more responsibility is.

Money is an essential part of their life view, but they do value other things above the cash.

Illustrate their Future

Give your millennials a goal to be pressing for throughout the workday. We’ve talked about how ambition plays a big part in the complex of a millennial. If you are willing to show them where you see them in 10 years, it can be the perfect motivator to push them even harder in the job you have them doing.

Paint a clear picture of what you see them becoming, and then give them daily and monthly goals that enable them to reach that potential.

Allow Them to Lead

Leadership is a big desire for a millennial. Maybe not for every person, but for a majority of them, they desire a position over their peers.

Give them small opportunities to showcase their leadership skills. Leadership opportunities can look like anything such as lead on a smaller project or being in charge of a specific area of Then, not only will you satisfy their desire to lead, but you will also fulfill a need for your business which will allow you to accomplish more.

Millennials will soon make up most of the job force, so it’s important to understand how they think, what they are like, and what they value in life.

Connecting with them could make or break the future of your business. We hope these tips help you formulate a business strategy that prioritizes teamwork and collaboration and pushes your business to new heights.