As AI begins to be a more significant part of the hiring industry, there are certain things that employers should start to expect. Faster hiring and an emphasis on hiring quality are significant trends that have emerged in the process. These trends are parts of the process that we saw in 2018 that we expect to continue throughout 2019. Here are some directions to note that will help your business digitally and efficiently hire quality candidates.

Text Recruiting is Here

2018 saw text recruiting emphasized massively. New, integrated, on-demand text programs have millennials chomping at the bit to apply. According to an OpenMarket poll, 75% of millennials would rather text than actually interview or talk on the phone.

Text recruiting is one of the newest developments of AI in hiring. A Montage Research study found that 51% of organizations use AI to automate screening, sourcing, and scheduling. AI is capable of making businesses more and more efficient by eliminating the right amount of paperwork involved in the hiring process.

Think about it for a second. If your company is hiring two employees for a high-paying, high responsibility job, you will probably receive hundreds of applications. If you are a big name company, the applications will be in the thousands. Someone has to sort through those and run background checks. It’s a frivolous way to do things, and this is 2019. Your business does not have time for an extended hiring process.

If the candidate passes all of those tests, an interview phase begins. Your team has to spend time interviewing multiple different candidates for the job position. Not even counting the financial burden, the amount of time that your team will pay on this hiring process is costly. AI is helping to relieve that burden for many companies across the United States.

Make it a Smooth Process.

The application process needs to be a smooth one too! 41% of candidates from the Montage Research study said that “fast application” was the most critical aspect of a job search. If the hiring process took a considerable amount of time, many of the applicants dropped out or were no longer interested.

If the process fails to be a positive experience your company could run into trouble in the future of hiring. The Allegis Study Group found that 56% of job applicants are likely to discourage others from applying for a job if the negative hiring process.

Freelancing is becoming more and more popular in the digital age. Freelance businesses such as UpWork and Fiverr have seen a steady growth of applicants and employers alike. According to Forbes, “one in every three jobs in America is a freelance job.”

The Freelance Army

The freelance industry is accessible to many in the workforce because of a multitude of aspects. First off, a freelance job offers remote work. Millennials love working at home, and many people need to work alone to hit their top productivity levels.

Second, the freelance style allows for flexible hours. You can work at 6 am or 3 pm, and often freelance employers offer a broad spectrum of work times.

Employers can also use freelancers to lower job cost and get specific projects done. It’s easy to hop on UpWork and grab a freelancer who fits a particular project need. You might only need that specific kind of work done once for your business. You use the freelancer and then move on. It’s a no-strings-attached style that has businesses hiring more and more gig-style workers.

83% of candidates said that it would significantly improve the hiring process if employers were willing to communicate in a positive, consistent way. Candidates want a clear timeline to follow. They want to know, at any time if they aren’t being considered for the position and should move on. Thinking like this is key to developing a positive-hiring-reputation attached to your business.

Candidate-Centric Hiring

Candidate-centric hiring processes are on the rise. Most of the statistics in this article relate to how a candidate prefers the hiring process to go. This might seem like an unimportant aspect for a business owner, but if you are trying to hire the top talent, you must have a consistent process.

The hiring process is evolving. Is your business changing with it? Are you utilizing the newest AI protocols in hiring such as text recruitment and employee referral programs? Is your business taking advantage of the freelance market?

These trends will most likely continue throughout 2019, and we will begin to see new trends develop. Make sure to keep a close eye on the hiring process as it grows so that your company can stay at the top of the game as it changes. Hiring quality employees is a must for any successful business. Knowing the popular and efficient trends will make finding those talented candidates much more manageable.