Recruiting top talent can be one of the most challenging decisions your startup business is facing. Engaging, productive talent is a necessity for a company to grow. The problem is that the market for hiring quality talent is a fierce one, and you will be competing against the big firms to get the best of the best.

Quality is not just going to come to you either. Your focus must be an aggressive approach to the hiring process. A lazy, unguided approach will cause your company to whiff on the quality talent that is coming through your market daily.

It will be a challenge, but it’s doable with the right mindset! Here are some keys to recruiting top talent in a hot business market.

Correctly Identify Your Needs.

Your business has specific needs and then wants. The first thing you need to establish is what the company desperately needs. Once you have those positions filled, you can begin to think about other wants that you might have.

The question is how well do you know the position. Do you know the ins-and-outs that will make or break a successful employee? Be willing to take the time to think through everything as you begin the identification process.

A good question to ask yourself is “what will success look like in this position in my business?”

Different measurables will define success in this position, and you need to know what those standards are.

After you have thoroughly identified everything, the next step is to write out the job description. Try to sell candidates on every point that you include in your description. Make your job look enticing. There is no need to embellish the position. However, you should be excited about hiring!

If you are miserable at your job, then you probably should not be hiring in the first place. Tell them why you love what you do, and explain why they will enjoy it too!

Being clear in this step is key to nailing top talent. According to an Allegis group study, 72 percent of hiring managers say that the job description that they provide is clear and adequately explains the position. However, only 36% of the candidates agreed that the description was clear.

If you want to hire top talent, you need to have a well-written description that outlines benefits, responsibilities, and an overall evaluation of the position.

Put Employees First

Often, top talented hires are confident in themselves, which is a trait that you should want in a potential candidate. This confidence is going to lead to a certain expectation that they have.  The candidate will recognize if your business prioritizes its employees and holds their needs in high regards. On the flip side, the candidate will very quickly notice poor treatment of employees in your firm.

Dedicate time every day to developing a company culture that emphasizes teamwork and shows your commitment to each employee.

One of the best statements in business is to “demand excellence of yourself, and then demand it of those around you.” If your culture is one of excellence and respect, you have a much better shot at attracting and signing quality employees.

You should also utilize the employees that you have. A great way to push your business to new growth is by giving responsibilities to your current team. Try to maximize their efforts and allow them to succeed. Creating space for your employees to accomplish their goals will get the best out of their talents and in turn, help your business achieve more than you thought was possible.

Commit to the Search

Searching for the right talent is just like anything else you do in the business world. It takes commitment. It takes time. Be willing to put in the work! Don’t expect quality job-candidates to hop out of the bushes and into your business! No! Instead, put forth every effort to identify highly-touted professionals.

Be willing to pull out all of your connections. Hopefully, you have prioritized proper networking up to this point. Use your website to recruit, and try to maintain consistent contact with relevant candidates. Keeping up with them will show them that your business is interested in them as well.

If you are using your website to recruit, make sure to make it mobile optimized. According to, 9/10 job-seekers in today’s workforce will search for their next job on their mobile device. Having a mobile-optimized page on your website for your job opening is another way that you can get ahead of your competitors.

Building a pipeline is key to harnessing great talent. Get your info out on social media. Post your job opening on job search boards and proactively project your opening into multiple venues.

Recruiting is a highly competitive process that requires time and energy to be successful. But do not neglect the importance of this task. Getting the right employees is one of the critical parts of business growth.

Negative employees have a massive effect on development. Confident and engaging workers are the exact opposite and possess the ability to take your business to new heights.