Top 10 Ways to Remain Engaged With Your Millennial Employees

Millennials often get a bad reputation in our society for being addicted to their phones, being extremely stubborn, and less educated than previous generations. But chances are, you are hiring some of them to add to your business. Pretty soon, they will make up a majority of the workforce, and you are going to need to [...]

The Cost of Hiring Bad Employees

You have a new business startup, and you need some employees to help your startup grow. You are over-run with work, and things are starting to take off. You might as well hire anyone because a “warm body” is better than nobody right? Wrong. 100% wrong. The hiring of employees takes time and effort, and if [...]

Legal Issues that Employers Should Consider

As a business owner in 2019, a thousand things are running through your mind at all times during the day. Legal matters are probably somewhere at the bottom of that list. However, legal issues are something that you as an employer should be aware of at all times. Legal issues are critical in the grand scheme [...]

How to Recruit Top Talent in a Hot Market

Recruiting top talent can be one of the most challenging decisions your startup business is facing. Engaging, productive talent is a necessity for a company to grow. The problem is that the market for hiring quality talent is a fierce one, and you will be competing against the big firms to get the best of the [...]

Significant Trends in Digital Hiring in 2019

As AI begins to be a more significant part of the hiring industry, there are certain things that employers should start to expect. Faster hiring and an emphasis on hiring quality are significant trends that have emerged in the process. These trends are parts of the process that we saw in 2018 that we expect to [...]

Slow to Hire, Fast to Fire

The phrase “slow to hire, fast to fire” has been repeated over and over by business gurus since the Great Depression. What exactly does it mean, and what does it all entail in a business? The basic idea of “slow to hire, fast to fire” is found in the value of employees. According to, “the [...]